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The band, based in swing trading strategy Milwaukee, has been winning fans over with eclectic set lists and high energy performances that come to life on the stage.  The four piece group draws it's inspiration from an endless pool of musical genres.  You might feel a funky 70's jam end and a weird sonic freak-out begin.  A spastic and aggressive rocker lead into a crooning waltz.  They have played the outdoor festival stage, the cozy coffeehouse, the gallery night art opening and a lot of those clubs you find yourself in after midnight.

"Folk rock fused with a retro rockabilly vibe, at home in a shadowy L.A. lounge, hipster hangout, or possibly a David Lynch or Quentin Tarantino flick."  -Piet Levy (Journal Sentinel)

"The Thriftones tumble through mysterious carnival music-box time signatures, chiming, swing trading strategies stocks then break into swoons well-timed, with pace and delivery of a hilarious stand-up comedian prodding a crowd to laughter on command.  Rattling, twanging guitar riffs serrate blues piano melodies, reckoning humble, hard times, down-tempo bluegrass rock by-gone, but not forgotten."

"Fronted by singer Matthew Davies, The Thriftones can best be described as folk with a generous helping of Americana roots.  Davies has a real talent in crafting songs about darker ideas and images within our country, while his band backs these concepts up with a shadowy rockabilly beat."  -A.V. Club Milwaukee

thriftones are:

Bennett, Eston (bass guitar)

Davies, Matthew (vocals & guitar)

Jones, Thomas (percussion, etc)

Koenig, Andrew (guitar & swing day trading strategies vocals)